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David Brogan Music Business Card 20150002David Brogan Music Flyer1 20150002“I wish I had never learned to play the piano.” Said no-one… Ever!

Hello! Welcome! At Play Piano Pro.com we believe that pianos are one of the greatest inventions ever made. They present musicians with one of the purest and most majestic forms of sound that any instrument could offer. Who doesn’t want to master the piano?

We often hear people say the piano is making a comeback. In our experience it never went away. The piano is an instrument you can learn to play at any age.

We have been teaching piano for 29+ years to a steadily growing clientele of selective piano students, all of whom are motivated to invest in their future success and develop their musical talents and skills more than they ever dreamed possible. Why not join us today and learn to play the music you love?

We continually strive to increase the volume of piano and keyboard lessons we offer on our Free Piano & Keyboard Video Lessons page. We also have a huge selection lessons across multiple courses to suit every taste on our Resources and Courses page. Join our courses and join the fun!

Modern learning is a lifelong process that extends far beyond the classroom. So why restrict yourself to old traditional settings and methods? Our focus is on music education that is new, innovative, and far-retching. Our courses bring learning the piano to where you are.

By combining the fantastic power of the newest research with tried and tested successful teaching methods we provide all our piano students with real opportunities to achieve their dreams. Our online piano courses grow with you.Why not join us today and invest in your success? After all, education is your future.

We believe that everyone has the right and personal power tolearn, and most importantly; can and will succeed… by investing in their own education and future self. Our goal is very simple. To create learning success stories one student at a time.

Since partnering with Udemy in July 2013, our popular piano course ‘Easy Festive Favorites & Piano Party Hits‘ now has a community of students over 3,000 strong.

Whether your aspirations and goals are to turn professional someday (the next Lang Lang perhaps?) or just to enjoy playing piano for your personal pleasure, let us help you achieve your dreams. Let’s face it. Investing in your education and future is one of the best investments you will ever make. Make the right decision.

You have a dream. That’s why you are here and reading this. Allow us to offer you the best solution. Let’s work together. Put our courses to the test and see for yourself.

Practice. Learn. Grow.

David Brogan MMus – International ‘Award Winning’ Music Instructor.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are your piano lessons accessible?

Because you don’t have to attend face-to-face lessons, our courses are available whenever you have the time to take them in your busy schedule. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year; wherever you are in the world.

Are your courses personal?

All of our lessons and courses are punctuated with instructor feedback and each course has it’s own student board where you will be able to interact with both course instructors and your fellow community of other students to help further enhance your studies. There is also a private messaging system within each course for personal contact with our team of highly qualified and experienced piano tutors.

Are these courses expensive?

Because digital courses overheads are low, we can pass on these savings compared to ‘traditional’ methods and piano learning systems.


Come check out our extensive collection of your favorite blues, classical, festive, celebratory, jazz, pop, rock, ballad, romantic, country, new age, oldies, holidays, baroque and contemporary piano pieces and music courses. Resources and Courses Page



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